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Welcome to the Robert Half 2022 Salary Guide, your online resource for starting salary ranges, benefits and hiring trends for over 200 positions across administration, HR and office support, finance and accounting, legal, financial services, marketing and creative, and technology sectors.

Whether you are planning your next career move or looking to retain and hire top talent, these are the numbers worth knowing in the 2022 hiring landscape.

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Start your salary discussions here, informed by surveying thousands of job placements.

Skills in Demand

Gain insights into the hiring landscape and learn which skills are most in demand.

Perks and benefits

Discover which perks and benefits most employers offer — and those desired most by workers — as well as diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) trends.

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Get a comprehensive snapshot of the upcoming hiring landscape.

Only Robert Half's 2022 Salary Guide provides:

  • National salary benchmarks for seven specialisations:


Finance and accounting


Financial services




Administrative, HR and office support




Marketing and creative


Executive search

  • Trends set to shape current hiring landscapes and the future of work

  • Predicted benefits and the latest changes for diversity, equity, and inclusion